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Now i added a simply reputation system for user's and posts.
Just upvote/downvote a post if you like it or not.

In the future we can make some sepcial sort of "best topics" or something else.
But for now, just the reputation counter is added to posts.

If you upvote/downvote a post than automatically the post creators reputation go up/down, beside the post reputation.
PS: I talk about, not the Battlelog Forums.
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I've found a bug: You can give a point to your post.
You can delete this point from my post, I was just testing it:
yep, wanted to report this too.. should be fixed.
I don't mind either way. At the moment it's in quite big role in the posts but maybe that way people use it more.

In general I don't see point in these reputation and whatnot stuff as people usually try to game them for whatever reason. But this forum is pretty small so I don't think it'll be a problem.
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Fixed to vote for yourself.
Well, at the moment there is no "goal" for the usage of reputation.
But it definetly point out very good or very bad posts, for example spam posts.
Most users would report a post if its very bad, a downvote is the simpliest way.

I saw on some communites that they use this post reputation to hide out comments/posts bellow a specific "bad" reputation line and it works really good. (As the flame radar do).

When this is huge presented than the user will use it, small mini vote buttons will easily be missed.
Nice feature. :)

One question: if a post has very bad reputation will it be hidden?
Dendari wrote:
Nice feature. :)

One question: if a post has very bad reputation will it be hidden?

Currently not, maybe i add something in the future.