BBLOG is not working - Better Battlelog Forums #97893

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after some improvments on the battlelog, it uses https for accessing the site, but bblog does not work if the url starts with https://
where can i change it
Battlelog doesn't use HTTPS unless you write HTTPS on the link itself, so don't use it.

BBLog won't work in HTTPS links to keep your information safe.
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i think it is something new
when i write on my browser it automatically directs to https
and as far as i know https is more secure than http
well the "s" at the end of the http means http secure
Your antivirus program or another security problem may be forcing you to use https. Disable all antivirus programs and try it again.
https is more secure, yes.
BBLog doesn't support https, why?

Detailed Explanation:
We ( don't have a signed SSL certificate, which is needed for https. This cost a lot of money.
And BBLog (the addon) connect to for some API requests.
So if you on the http battlelog version, the addon contact our server via http too -> All is fine
But if you use the https battlelog version, the addon can only contact the http version of Than http <-> https connections required, that's not secure, therefore we don't support BBLog on https battlelog.

And a sidenode: https of battlelog is NOT working 100% - I got the info from DICE that battlelog doesn't have a real working https version of battlelog.

So, something on your PC force you to the https site. Maybe a addon or anti virus program. Deactivate this for battlelog.
thanks for all the answers, i love bblog addon