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I *think* this is a BBLog feature since I don't see it when I log in to BL from a computer w/o the plugin, but if not, then I apologize in advance..

From the Multiplayer drop-down menu along the top of BL, there is an entry in there for 'Favorites' so that you can go directly to your favorite servers without have to go to Browse first.

It appears in the last BL update, DICE changed this link on BL and now the menu item doesn't work anymore. When you click on it, BL takes you to a 'Sorry that page does not exist. Try going back, etc., etc.'

When I click on the normal Favorites link, the URL appears to be:


But the BBLog menu item for Favorites from the Multiplayer drop-down is set to:


Hope this makes sense and can be reproduced. Thanks.
Ok, now I don't know what is going on as I went back and clicked on the Favorites drop-down again, and now it takes me to


instead of the one that wasn't working..

Sorry for wasting your time.
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Might be fixed for him but it's still broken for me

Ok well a refresh of the page fixed it, so either this just now started happening and y'all did a hotfix or something else is going on
Bumping old topic instead of making a new one.

This bug is back. Not sure if it's BBL or EA causing it.
Doesn't matter if I fresh the page or switch pages. Some times it adds the /pc/ and sometimes it doesn't. It also doesn't matter what page it's on. I just happened to be on the weapons page when I took the screen shot.

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Reopened the thread, bug's trying to be the Terminator.

Is it a Battlelog bug, or Better Battlelog?
Meaurk wrote:
Reopened the thread, bug's trying to be the Terminator.

Is it a Battlelog bug, or Better Battlelog?

BBLog issue, but currently not figured out how this bug can happen.