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On this page you will find free steam code for Metro 2033:

(original link:
I am downloading it right now.

-edited by orfk:- added alternative link which leads first to an description page.
Would have been a fine deal if it wasn't for the fact that I got the game when it released :/
Looking forward to Metro: Last Light though :)
dapil wrote:
-edited by mod:- deleted direct link to facebook application

Is it bad to post direct links to FB applications?
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good i have to correct me.
the link was simply nothing. leaded nowhere. a ghost.

or do you find a page or an app on this site:

i don't and yes, its bad, because you can never know whats behind an application or an script. it have nothing to do with facebook, in general. its more serious to post a link to a description site instead of an link directly to an application / script.
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For me
is redirecting me to Facebook homepage.
strange. well on the GameSpy website is linked to the same page which i have posted.
i edited it now that both links are in, think one page is only visible for one group of nationailities.
Strange, now none of the links are working for me :O
so unfair i dont have FB and dont want to use it -.-
Metro 2033 is also in Humble THQ Bundle (
) with many other games and game soundtracks, you can pay only 1 USD and you will get it and and if you pay more than average payment (now it's 5,74 USD) you will also get Saints Row: The Third and three more games.