Bullet drop comparison pictures - Better Battlelog Forums #1476

One thing i always wondered is how weapons differ in bullet drop. Would be nice to have like 5 pictures ranging from 100-200-500-1000-2000m next to each other.

Also would be nice to maybe add some pictures for how those drops are effected by the weapon mods.

Can we have those weapon mod pictures for the spread pictures as well? :)
Currently i dont have any data for guaranteed real bullet drops, but i know some good sources.
There is actually no specific plan for your wishes, but its noticed to the todo-list.

You can create the attachment plots when combining Plotic (
) and generate them with the modified values ( a combination of
and the already present values for recoil )
I know that tools, but that fits not my imagination of a beatiful design :-)
Its on the todo-list and i need to think more about it later.