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Is it normal that I can't see the top leaderboard in % in the wepon and in the vehicule page?
I tested it with Chrome and FF, on BBLog 3.6.0 and it works as expected.
Detailed information needed.

Option enabled? 3.6.0 installed? Browser? Screenshot?
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Same issue, weapons page doesn't show hits or percentage. BBLOG 3.6.0 and Firefox 23.0.1. Just a couple of days ago, worked perfectly.
Hi...i had the same issue few days ago... but today it's working...sometimes top% disappears and appears with reloading page (ctrl + f5)

dev release 1309051231
Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m
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Yes now is working again... but fails other times.

EDIT. Seem to work when "cem_ea_id/" appears at the end of url.
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If "top%" fails randomly, than it's maybe because have some temporarily problems.
If this fails everytime than it's a BBLog bug.

For me it has nothing todo with the URL, it works with cem_ea_id/ or pc/ or anything else at the end of the url.

EDIT: Found it, when the soldier number is the last section in the URL (without pc/ or cem_ea_id/) than it not works, but currently i can't find a url on battlelog that link to that "broken" page? Anyone has an idea?

EDIT2: Forget it, found the way to get this url. When you goto a profile page from a friend, than to the soldier page from that and than switch the tab to weapons. Than it has this url.

Will be fixed in next release.