First Time 30.000 Daily BBLog User!!! - Better Battlelog Forums #110536

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i'm proud to say "This is awesome, pure epic, ladies and gentlemen" :)

Today we reached over 30.000 people that using BBLog within 24h.

1 Week after BF4 release more people use BBLog in BF4 than in BF3 - That means that most BBLog People are true Battlefield Fans that already have BF4.

Also the incredible download counter of 3.400.000+ is worth to be highlighted. Well this number is not the real real download counter of real people, even google robots can increment that counter, people downloading multiple times, and so on... Anyway, that number is stunning.

Thanks to the whole BBLog community and especially to the whole team that made that possible.
Thank you for this awesome addon (and to give me opportunity to help the team!).

Long live to BBLog! :D