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I have problems running battlelog with my favorite web browser Comodo Dragon (which is based on Chromium). When I start battlelog, it says "the following plugin crashed: ENS launch mozilla plugin". So it thinks im running on Firefox and crashes for that reason? Could this be avoided with this addon?

Thanks for a really good work.
Hm.. I dont know about this browser, until now.
BBLog will only support FF and Chrome. But when this browser is compatibly with ff or chrome addons it should work. I must investigate some time to check what kind of problem it is.

So keep watchin for updates.
Hm. I tested it with Comodo Dragon 17.1, and it works fine.
No errors. Have you enabled any special secure options in this browser, this may break the app if the browser isn't allocated as chrome.

Yes, actually your plugin works fine with Comodo Dragon, its the ESN sonar plugins that seem to crash with it all the time. This leads to the whole Battlelog not working correctly with the browser, atleast I can't get it to work. ESN sonar seems to think I'm running Firefox (judging by the launch mozilla plugin error it gives).
Same issue here. Error " The following Plug-In crashed ESN Launch Mozilla Plug-in"

Comodo Dragon uses the Chrome Store for extensions so why would it run as a FF Plug-In? It's basically Chrome with Comodo Secure DNS servers.

I read elsewhere to disable all extensions ( which I have) and I'm not using the Comodo Secure DNS servers or predictive services ( doubt that they're the issue but thought I'd mention it).

After I download and run the Browser Plug-In Update 1.110.0 .exe it installs to C/Users and then to C/Program Files (11.2mb). The extraction bar seems to stop at around 95% before disappearing. I then continue to get the same "Browser Plug-In Update Available" message from battlelog along with the Crash error

Like Chrome, Dragon has Adobe Flash already installed, so I decided to try this via IE 64-bit. Downloaded the Adobe Flash Player but I saw no Game Manager. I realize that battlelog doesn't support IE but when I ran XP on my old 32 system I could download Game Manager updates despite XP not being fully supported.

Is it the same .exe files for both FF & Chrome? If it's not, could we have a link to the Chrome .exe because it seems that we're getting the FF exe. instead of the Chrome one if that's the case.
Installed FF. Upon launching battlelog I received an message from my FireWall ( G Data Total Care) to allow permissions for Plug-Ins. I've never received this request for Comodo Extensions.

Game manager was already up to date (? I haven't had FF installed before) & I've installed Origin with no issues.
After PC restart and signing in to Origin launching Comodo Dragon caused system to crash.

Sorry, can't give an error log,seems to be an issue with Win7 error logging if you run a BIOS utility.

No issues via FF but would still like a fix for Dragon. :)
Again. BBLog have nothing to do with the PLUGIN from Battlelog.
The plugin (the one from the game manager) is made by DICE/EA.
This (BBLog) is only a browser extension which have nothing to do with DICE/EAs stuff.
Goto EA support forums for your problem.

Thanks roland, sorry for posting about it here.

As an FYI to anyone else who sees this, the EA Support Forums don't seem to offer any advice other than what I noted earlier.

I've submitted a Ticket to Comodo:
No problem, thanks for information.
Reply from Comodo:

Dear Customer:

"Thank you for contacting COMODO. Our developers are currently working on the issue. It appears it reproduces only on to x64 operating systems, that is the reason why some of our users did not encounter it. We apologize for the inconvenience."