BLog issue or game issue? - Better Battlelog Forums #115894

Since yesterday after at 2pm, cannot access Battlelog for BF3, BF4 or Warfighter; Blog stays at first page on bowser (Chrome); cannot access anything in Blog including forums - threads are locked; has there been another game update?, seems this causes issues afterwards to player access to geme; I dont have any idea what the issue is again (happened after the last patch also); anyone have an ideas as to how to fix the issue or do we have to wait for Dice or Blog to do something about it? Have uninstalled everything and reinstalled, nothing is still working, again, every other game is working fine on my NEW computer, not happy DICE, not happy, and I was going to purchase Titanfall today, guess I will not now, not till BF3, BF4 and Warfighter are fixed!
Both are not under our hands.
We are a 3rd party addon and not the devs of Battlelog or the game.