[BF4][v1.0] Battlereport Prizes Fixer [08.01.2016] - Better Battlelog Forums #147535

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Name: BF4 Battlereport Prizes Fixer
Author: I-MrFixIt-I
Version: 1.0

☰ Description:
Since the latest patch all battlereports containing the "Elite Squad" prize there is a little bug with the alignment of the prizes. This plugin will correct the positioning of the "Elite Squad" prize in the battlereport.

☰ Options:
- "Battlereport Prizes Fixer" (default: on): Toggle the plugin

☰ Changelog:
Click to open/close:

- Initial release

Source code can be found here:

Any suggestions or ideas I could add? Anwser here and I'll respond :)

just reading your description of your custom plugin and think its useless.
this is a bug which EA have to fix. dont misunderstand me pls, i dont want to forbid to create this plugin, i just find its a bit useless because this bug will be fixed anyway. BBLog is not (and Plugins should not) be created to fix EAs bugs :-)

my personal opinion
yeah I know what you mean and I also totally understand you.
But me and some friends find this bug really really anoying ^^ and I would love if this plugin can stay to the date the problem is fixed by them :)
sure it can stay, it's your plugin, you do what you want ;-D