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Date of change: 12.09.2014

General Topic Rules

1. Add relevant information to the topic.
[BF4][v1.3][12.12.2013] My plugin name
[BF3/BF4][v1.0 beta][12.12.2013] My plugin name

2. Add a changelog to the first post with the spoiler tag.
3. Maybe add some screenshots for the customers.
4. Always add a link to the non minified version of your script - When your plugin is in the gallery than you can add just the JS link of your plugin
5. If the plugin is outdated or not in development anymore, add a [INACTIVE] to the topic title.
6. Don't post malware, spy or other bad plugins.

Plugin Gallery Rules

1. Always upload a non minified version of your plugin. Minified versions obfuscate and block people from helping you.
2. Plugins in the plugin gallery must be very well tested on all available browsers.
3. If your plugin stop working because of a battlelog update than deactivate it until all bugs are fixed. Inactive plugins doesn't show up in the gallery or in BBLog.
4. Always add a clear and short description what your plugin exactly does
5. If the plugin is outdated or not in development anymore, set it to inactive.
Updated our plugin rules