SPM Per Battlereport - Better Battlelog Forums #1790

I'd like to be able to see the score per minute for each battle displayed on the battlereport screen. this would help you determine if each specific battle improved or decreased your overall SPM.

Bf3stats shows this statistic but it is a little more cumbersome to get to it than the battlelog site.
I don't know which page you mean.
If you mean at the top playerbar with the last 5 reports, it's impossible.
For a battlereport its possible but you can already track your status on your statistic overview page at the bottom. Bf3stats.com will track your changes everytime you visit the overview pages and than you can easily compare all your statistics from all the time.
i meant on the battlereport page, not the top bar with the five most recent reports.
i don't understand what statistics you are talking about on the stats page. if it is what i think you're talking about then that is only your total overall SPM. I'd like to see the individual SPM for each battle to see if that battle significantly increased my overall SPM or just barely maintained it, or decreased.

this statistic is listed on bf3stats battlereports as the third item under "general stats", i'd just like to see that copied over to the battlereport page of the battlelog somewhere as well.

kills with each weapon as well (instead of just the best weapon) but that's a different topic.