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On the extended weapon information, under Bullet Damage, it says bullet damage in percent. It is not percent, it is points. If it was percent, you would never get down to 100 percent and thus never be able to kill anyone. If a bullet does 25 points damage to the body, you need 4 bullets to kill in normal core. If it was percent, the first bullet would make 25 points damage, the second bullet would to 25% of 75 points = 56.25, the third bullet would take 25% of 56.25 points = 42.1875 and so on. You would never reach 0 points that way.

The bullet damage to the head is 200% though, so that one is correct. Otherwise I love this extension! :)
Oh, damn, really :-)
Nobody currently checked the unit, so everybody knows what it mean, but you are right.
Its just false with the percentage, i change it in the next update.