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Hello, I speak Spanish and try to translate.
I have a problem, I can not join any platoon of ps3, being that my account in battlelog is of ps3, only allows me to join PC squads. I hope you can help me, thanks.





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I found this thread on the Battlelog forum:

Judging by the dates, this is most likely a bug in the new Battlelog update and DICE will fix it. If not, well I have no idea what else could be causing it.
Si tu inglés es muy malo, siempre puedes crear un tema en tu idioma natal y el obligatorio inglés, somos varios traductores en diferentes idiomas, siendo yo el de español.

Volviendo al problema, como dijo jumpy, parece ser que es un Bug, deberías intentar contactar con el soporte de EA que a nosotros, nosotros no tenemos nada que ver con EA o DICE.


If you have a bad english, you can always create a topic in your langauge and english, we are a lot of translators in differents languages, being me the spanish translator.

Back to the topic, as jumpy said, it seems that it is a Bug, you should try to contact the EA support for this matter, we have nothing to do with EA or DICE.