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Hi i wanted to ask if the Dice Platoon plugin
is working for you guys. Becuase for me now 08/05/2013, is not working, either chrome or firefox.
The place where the plugin was hosted, is gone. If you try to go to
you will see a "Not Found" error. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Hopefully the plugin creator will also see this and replace the plugin to another host.
Thanks "Meaurk" for the answer, i was thinking the same, but i wanted to make sure. Hope it will get fixed as fast as possible.
jep i loved this plugin too
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I googled a little bit and I found this:

It could be GosuSan's plugin by the look of it. I can't tell if it's the plugin ( LordXeth = GosuSan?) or if it's just a audacious copy because I never used the plugin. At least the changelog seems to be "pretty identical".
Nice job Brady_The, it seems that you have found a copy of the original plugin! :-)

Just to be sure it stays uploaded, I've uploaded it to my dropbox account.
the other plugins of gousan dont work too
do you find them on the same webside
they were "Replace COOP" and the other was a plugin where you can change something in the playbar where single player is and so on
maybe he opened other threads
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Thanks a bunch Brady_The and Meaurk (13), awsome job you guys; this forum/community/blog is fucking great xD.