Workaround for Install under Chrome 21+ - Better Battlelog Forums #1933

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Edit brain: No need to do any of that complicated things. Click on the download button at the right and follow the installation video guide.

Google wants users to not install extensions from a local file or non-webstore sites since Version 21 and up

But there is a possible Worakaround to install Better Battlelog without any blocking by Chrome and without the need to upload it to the Webstore.

The "only" thing to do is add a value to the registry to whitelist the individual website hosting the addon.

Here are the steps to do:
[*]Check the Existence of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\ExtensionInstallSources in the Registry.[/*:m]

[*]if the Key is not present don't worry, it should only be there in a few cases[/*:m]
[*]Download the attached add-key.reg.txt File it will add a needed key to whitlist this site[/*:m]
[*]if you want to reverse it use the attached remove-key.reg.txt (but it could be that updates will not work)[/*:m]

[*]if the Key is present you need to add a new String Value (REG_SZ-Type)[/*:m]
[*]the names are index based so if you have already 3 Entries in the list you should give it "4" as name[/*:m]
[*]otherwise the extension will fail to install and Chrome displays a warning[/*:m]


[*]As always, if you are working with tools like regedit, please be careful to not delete or add any other key's - doing so will may cause your system to not work properly.[/*:m]
[*]You need to have Admin rights[/*:m]
[*]You need to rename the 2 files, because of your security they are uploaded as txt file - you may also check them before running[/*:m]
[*]Details about the customization can be found here:
Ehm. Did you ever read the information at the download page?
It gives you a much simplier way to do this.
Okay, i tried it - and it is working.. did not know about this easy way before.
I am sorry for it.
No problem. Thanks for your work.
Just add "--enable-easy-off-store-extension-install" in your Chrome Shortcut.
it goes easier and easier as in the first post xD