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Hi all plugin developers!

I've improved some things for plugins.
All active plugins that i've found have now a plugin "badge" in this forum.
If your topic have this badge you be able to add a URL to your plugin JS, when you edit the topic.
If you have saved this URL than a new "Install" button appears in your startpost at the bottom.
It give every BBLog user the ability to install the plugin with just one click. No need to copy&paste urls into the plugin subconfig menu.

Note: This is only possible for "approved" topics, if you have a plugin topic where you think you deserve a plugin "badge", you can PM me.

Note2: This Install only works for 3.6.1 or higher.

Future plans:
A own plugin overview page on for approved plugins.
BrainFooLong wrote:
Hi all plugin developers!

I am not a plugin dev, but as a perfectionist who loves fancy stuff and usability I squeaked like a little girl.
I'm not a coder. I have very little experience; the most I have done is make a basic calculator, but I would like to start learning how to make BB plugins. Is there some kind of starter kit out there that would help me learn to code for BBlog specifically?
First you have to learn JavaScript, HTML(5) and CSS. This are basic web languages and structures and you really need to understand that before you can make a plugin.

At next, just take a look at existing plugins to see how the things work.
Is there some kind of environment I can work in to see the plug in work, or do I have send it through something like git hub every time I want to check it?
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You can use several things:

Dropbox (automatic Sync when you change a file), GitHub, many other services like this or a local webserver like XAMPP to use