Dogtag Page Broken - Better Battlelog Forums #71025

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Hi, firstly thanks for a great Addon, BBLOG is awesome.

I notice you don't do much on the dogtag page, but i noticed since 3.1.3 that the dogtag page has a weird break when the addon is enabled, i've tried several times with the addon on and off and it only happens when it's enabled.

Running Firefox 17.0 and vanilla BBLog, no extra themes or plugins

Attached with and without BBlog enabled, the weird spacing happens everytime...
Same for me, on Firefox and Chorme. However, it only happens for me if I resize the browser.
Right, never noticed that. Also for me it happens only when i resize the browser.
Thx for report.
I run fullscreen, but i run split tabs, since i have 27" to work with, must be why it's considering it as a windowed tab and occurring