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Any of you played this game already?
Today i got the closed beta invite.

But boy, in-browser game is so much crap. Loading problems, browser problems, etc...
Hopefully it's just beta problems but i don't think so.
Never even heard of it until now.

But from what I can tell (from Wikipedia) it's a F2P game, so they can count me out.
I've never liked F2P games and I bet I never will.
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It's a game like every other multiplayer shooter.
It comes from crytek (Crysis 1,2) so it's pretty much similar in mechanics and the complete flow.
But sure, it's F2P.
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I played it yesterday.

True One click install - really suprised me, pretty cool, but I'd really like to choose the destination of the dir. to install it in.

After it - no problems at all, but I don't like the in-browser thing at all. Someone said in comments that F11 switches into fullscreen, gonna try later.

If you wanna play sometime, classic nickname - juress.

Oh and: 60fps on max. settings, not that it's suprising, since it's pretty small scale area of combat, but it's nice to play a game in 60fps in a long time :D