BF4 Release - Impressions - Better Battlelog Forums #110644

So, Battlefield 4 was released 1 week ago. Who bought it? What's your opinion so far?
Dendari wrote:
Who bought it?

i didn't.. maybe later, after all bugs are fixed ;-)
Bought Premium.
SP was ok, mastered on the hard play mode (it is not that hard).
MP, played some hours - Currently i like it but my system needs a upgrade to play smooth.
GPU already ordered.

IMHO they integrated a way to much assignments, goals, missions, points, boosts, extra boosts, battlepacks, even more boosts and battlepacks, leaderboards, divisions, etc...
It feel more like a pinball scoring game, focused on stats.

But in general, the gameplay is nice and i think better than BF3.
and is the feeling/GAMEPLAY better than BF2?
I didn't exactly bought it (hehehehe), but so far it runs like **** in my system, and as i dont like BF3 anymore (500+ hours), i don't think i'll play Battlefield again for some time.

My plan for now is: sell this thing, save money for a new pc, wait for next year, try to buy as many pc parts as possible, increase my gaming experience overall and grab it for 10-15$ some time in the future.
wasakakero wrote:
I didn't exactly bought it (hehehehe)

uiuiuiuiui badboy ^^