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Translate for all Languages , i help you in brazilian language
Moved this to translations.
We currently add no new languages to bblog.
The administration of the current set of languages is already much work.
Sorry but you in brazil are speaking portugese.
and we already have a portugese translation.

otherwise we can't begin to translate Battlelog and BBLog to ALL regional language variation of a specific language. you can portugese, so that have to be enough. an american one isn't coming too and wanted to have translated everything from british english to american english.
Honestly, I really don't care if you have a localized version of BBlog as a customer but as a developer I don't understand what is the problem of having multiple versions, as it's supported by every modern language. There are some free software which allow people all over the world to take part in colaborative process of translation.

Anyway, you are not obliged to do anything you don't want: yout software, your rules. You don't have to check how many users you have in portugal or in Brazil or in any other country. It probably doesn't make much difference for you. That I understand!

BUT as someone who knows both languages let me tell you that sometimes I understand english more easily than portuguese spoken in portugal. Despite that, you can still ignore it! that´s your right! I understand that.

We already have a portugese translation. In fact, it's a Brazilian Portuguese, but i try to the Max not using regional words and follow the

Some words i preferred to leave in PT-BR, like Sobre/Acerca, Arquivo/Ficheiro and others, 'cause in my first contact with Roland/brain was to translate/localize BBLog to Brazilian Portuguese. And i'm Brazilian. :P

So, all BBLog plugin already translated. I'll translate the old news when i have time.

You can change your language in BBLog site and plugin clicking in Brazilian/Portuguese flag (, at top (site) or top-right side (plugin).
Any criticism, suggestion or anything else about this localization, you can post here or send me a PM.

I help with Slovakia language 'cause I'm from slovakia