unlock progression BF3 - Better Battlelog Forums #1499

I use a translator. maybe you will understand me correctly.

transport helicopters, aircraft weapons - have unlock.
Different unlocks occupy different slots in the game.
when viewing, such as tank T90, below we can see in the batlloge - T-90A unlock progression
I suggest: in the upper left corner (on every unlockers) add a digit (1,2,3), which will be the same slots in the game.
for example:
ir smoke - 2 slot in the tank. You have done the same with the medals and badges.
It will be very handy!
You can not begin the game, understand compliance to unlock the slot.
If you do not understand me, then I can try to explain again))
Thank you for the work.
I hope you will continue to work and grow!
You are confusing something.
In medals/ribbons numbers show you how much ribbons you must earn for next medal.
So it's a bit useless to add slot numbers, i think.
The better way is to see the progress, how much points you are away from next unlock - And thats already included by battlelog.
Rejected because i think it's i too minor improvement and only helpful for few users.