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I only want to inform you guys, they said, that in the beginning of october you can play the BF4 Beta.
Just told you, that you can mark it in your calendar. :D
BF3 beta was from September 29th till October 10th. And it was released October 25th. So I think the BF4 beta will be from October 3rd till October 13th as it will be released October 29th. :)
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In Europe it will be release on october 31st. I watched the live-press conference. ;)
I think the beta will start on the 3rd, too. :)
I received my BF3 code same day as America did, and it also shows the American date for BF4. :-)
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So, there is a closed Beta going on right now, or maybe just some kind of showcase for youtubers, dunno.

This article is very interesting tho - NO M16A3 (full auto M16 in BF4):

It's also been confirmed that Punk Buster is will be present in Battlefield 4. (bf4 preset in pbsetup v3.6)


And to top it off, some gameplay from the latest build:

(dat stationary smoke comming from a moving ship in a storm :D)
and some LMG action:

Some new spectator footage (maybe a color correction mode?):