Chart transparency - Better Battlelog Forums #1403

Hi, could you use transparent background in charts? Some ppl (incl. me) are using stylized battlelog (into dark colors) and transparent chart would fit much better. For charts, you can add this, into the link - chf=bg,s,FFFFFF00&

You could also edit accuracy plot and the dmg value box img and fit it with transparent bacground.

Transparent charts -> No problem - Come in next update.
Accuracy Plot - It will never be changed, it must be a white background to get it clearly visible with the colors inside. And i not want to re-create every plot for white and dark backgrounds - Sorry.
Dmg Value Box - Same as Accuracy, but i make in the next update the complete box with a white background to remove the edges from the graph.
plot accuracy - understand, that would be a lot of work.
Damage torso - i sent you something on your mail, look at it ;)