Emblem ERROR - Better Battlelog Forums #2047

I was trying to make an emblem but it gave me dificulties trying to save it...

There are 40 layers allowed but around 31 layers it started to get verry diffivult to get it to save .

I get the red message box in the upper left corner ; Image Did not save!

Verry annoying after spending a few hours getting it just right.... and then needing to remove 12 layers of work.....in order to get it to save.

! BTW : Whats up with battlefield crashing all the time can we get some descend answers on that ? i can only play 15 minits!! it used to be Hours on end .... but not untill 2 updates ago!

Thx for your time.
Please goto DICE.
BBLog have nothing todo with the emblem editor.