Platoon presentation with embedded flash videos and BB code - Better Battlelog Forums #1547

I have two suggestions. The first is to include a BB code editor on the platoon presentation editor. (Sorry if this has already been mentioned)

The second is to allow any flash video (not just youtube) to be embedded on a platoon page, with width and height parameters. Perhaps this could be implemented with a regular hyperlink to the flash file, with html parameters, e.g. "" ?

This could be enabled on a per-platoon basis if there are any security concerns.


First, this isn't possible by battlelog. All users without bblog installed will see only the codes itself. The not translated by battlelog (like in forum posts).

Second, to embed SWF files could be a security break and some people could turn it into very bad things.
So also a SWF isn't really a functional video, it could also be a game and many more.
To unsecure to implement, some people could grab account data and many more with swf files.

So, twice rejected.
So there is no chance of flash embedding as a default off option that can be turned on under advanced settings with a disclaimer?
The risk is to high. 80% of user read no disclaimer and warnings, and than 9 from 10 flame around because there account was hacked or anything is broken :-)
Sorry, there are good reasons why all great social media sites block external flash by default and allow only 100% secure links.
Fair enough. (I'm not sure about you calling Battlelog a great social media site though!)
My dream of a platoon pong game will have to stay as an external link ;)
Thanks for the replies.