Can´t see all Premium Assingments - Better Battlelog Forums #1925

Good Day i´m GermanPommes,
i just install bblog and i have to say its awesome, but i can´t see all premium assingments. The last five are just away, i can´t see them.

My browser is Google Chrome 20+
My bblog version is 2.2.1

Her is a screenshot

Please help me, cause i just try to unlock all of them at the moment.
May some others had the same bug and know how to fix it.
I don't think its a bblog problem because bblog doesn't change anything on this page.
Try to deactivate BBLog and test again.
If this bug still exist it's not bblog.
I tested it, the problem still exist with or without bblog.
So, its a battlelog problem and you need to go to DICE.
this isnt a bblog problem, however, i am having the same problem as GermanPommes. I can't see my premium assignments. This has been happening since the Origin update (9th August 2012).
If anyone knows what the fix is, please reply. Thanks
Try Logout and re-Login.
Thats a generall bug atm.
All players have this problem, have nothing todo with BBlog or an specific browser or else. DICE dont know what they are doing ;-)
Okay its not new that Dice do something like that.
Than i just have to say that the bblog is awesome, just as the comunity of bblog.

Keep going guys.
yes, all good now. logged out, shut computer down, fired it up again after 3 hours, all good !!