Com Center / Server Filter - Better Battlelog Forums #1379

The Com Center offline friends and Server Filter options do not remain hidden after i exit the browser / restart computer. Before the update (making the addon available for Chrome) the offline friends would remain hidden just fine.
These 2 things don't work now on both browsers, Firefox and Chrome. (at least for me)
Thanks for report. All other things works correctly?
I haven't blacklisted any player/server yet but everthing else works fine on Chrome.
Thanks. I figured out the current problem.
Chrome loose all addon settings in some cases. I work on a fix for it.
For Firefox i dont have an idea currently, but i am confident.
In theory, it should now be fixed with version 0.96.
We tested it on different systems and at everytime the addon keep the toggle state saved, also when you close the browser.

Hopefully it now works also for you.