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I found a game engine that is pretty nice and can use a JavaScript-esque language. I figured since a lot of people on here know JavaScript and like games, you might be interested in it...and its free. :D
I've made my my first mobiel game with this engine.
I really recommend it.
Let me ask a question... which is better? To develop with a game engine or with out? Coz i really want to build everything alone but.. takes time and u may meshup eveything. I mean, game engines do provide some stuct on your main project. Whats your opinion?

Thanks in advance.
I am also a type of "Do it yourself" but at these days there is no real alternative than using a game engine.
If you are a superpro in hardcore coding and you can make your own game engine, than you don't have to ask that question. But in normal case, you have to use an existing game engine.

I recommend Unity for a few reasons, i tested a lot others also.

* Easy to learn
* Powerful for advanced users - Graphic Quality can be compared with Top other game engines
* Cross Game Engine - Single Develop, all Platform
* FREE - Also when you sell a game - Until you have a yearly income of 100.000 USD (license agreements)
* Pro version for cheap money - about 70€ per month for an engine
* Both 2D and 3D native support
* Constantly growing community
* Tons of tutorials and help in the Net
Thanks for your answer. I think you are right, some thinks are bettter to use them prebuild as someone else did the work your you, especialy if you are not in a big team.

As i am more a javascript lover i am going to stick with the canvas element :P.