can't change background - Better Battlelog Forums #44826

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hi there
i have just installed bblog 3 in chrome!
thank you it is very nice but there is a problem!!
when i want to change back ground i write: top center no-repeat
but nothing changes!!!
here is the background:

and is there any way to have different wallpapers for BF3 and MOH WF???
again thanks
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Works fine for me, input:
url( top center no-repeat
hit enter
, than reload the page...
Your code is wrong, if you use the extended CSS with attributes you need to enclose your url with url()
url( top center no-repeat
thanks it worked!!!
and what about my 2nd question??
please and capability of 2 wallpapers in the next update!!! 1 for bf3 and the other for moh wf
No plan to integrate this at the moment.