server history - Better Battlelog Forums #1717

I had not seen this idea posted on here maybe on the official battlelog forums but there is a lot of spam there. I'd like to see a couple things for server browser history, the ability to sort time visited and number of times visited. The third thing which maybe more of an issue for ea/dice would be to be able to delete servers in the history either have it so you can clear all or maybe just a couple of servers. Great plugin though thanks for providing it for the community.

i know that there are some problems with the server history in our profiles.
i really don't know wich server will be listed and wich not or in wich order.

it could be possible (by our addon) that you will get a own server history, for that battlelog should be activated all the time, and it could save a list with the servers. but you wouldn't be able to show this list to other, because that's require a online save of your history (same discussion like by avatars without gravatar)

don't know what brian will say to this idea. we will see =)
very cool wish I had logged in when I posted oh well thanks.
Dr_LaVey wrote:
very cool wish I had logged in when I posted oh well thanks.

Because this data isn't stored anywhere we cannot do that kind of sorts.
And also we cannot modify existing data more than battlelog already can.