Stats for the pistols - Better Battlelog Forums #1386

It would be nice to have the same kind of stats on the pistols as we have on the other weapons.
Actually there are the same stats for pistols?
Or what weapons and stats do you mean?
A link would be nice where you miss something.
I meant that when I look at the weapons details for, let's say the M416, I can see the Extended Weapon Information, Bullet Damage per Bullet and the Weapon Accuracy Data of the weapon. When I look at the pistols, I don't have that kind of stats about it, with the exception of the 1911.
M416 Stat page :

MP443 Stat page :
Please tell me all weapon links where you miss the stats.
I think there are only typo errors in my script.
Thanks for your help.
-M320 (Grenade launcher attachment for the assault class)
-M26 MASS (Shotgun attachment for the assault class)
-M9 Tact. (Pistol)
-MP443 Tact. (Pistol)
-G17C Supp. (Pistol)
-M9 Supp. (Pistol)
-MP443 Supp. (Pistol)
-.44 Magnum (Pistol)
-G18 Supp. (Pistol)
-M1911 Tact. (Pistol)
-M1911 Supp. (Pistol)

Strangely, only 6 pistols have their stats, the MP412 Rex, .44 Scoped, 93R, G17C, G18 and the M1911.
Thank you. I integrate, if i find it, all possible informations for this pistols.
Keep noticed for updates.