Dogtags/Broken/Out of order - Better Battlelog Forums #49191

With the new update from bblog...The display of dogtags is completely messed up. Just wondering if anyone was aware of this. You got ranks mixed all in with the specialty tags and service star tags. There is no logical order to the order of them. It was fine before the update. So I am not sure what is broken.
They (DICE or EA) sorted it by alphabet.
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a lot of people likes the animation but they are annoying with this messy

Maybe BBLog can improve this page with extra filters ?

- locked filter
- extra filters (weapons, ribbons, stars...)

An example of a possible layout
Yup, its baaaad, maybe we'll do something about it, huh Brain? Dog tag section overhaul?
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This is what my dogtag page looks like
...Dice used to have it sorted by rank, specialty tags, service star tags and then bonus stuff. Now it is all mixed up. I highly doubt it was alphabetical.

Its all different even from Amkhatar. So I am not sure as to what the issue is.
This bug is not related to a BBLog Feature.