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german Text:
BBLog scheint auf dem PaleMoon Browser v.20.3 nicht mehr zu funktionieren. Ich habe schon alles versucht und sogar ein neues Profil erstellt. Leider ohne Erfolg. Ich habe auch schon alle Extensions bis auf BBLog deaktiviert. Leider ebenfalls ohne Erfolg.

Sorry für mein schlechtes Englisch. Dieser Text wurde übersetzt.

Wie bekomme es es wieder zum Laufen?

Gruß PolytroX

english Text:
BBLog seems not to work on the PaleMoon browser v.20.3. I have tried everything and even created a new profile. Unfortunately without success. I have also disabled all extensions except for BBLog. Unfortunately, also without success.

Sorry for my bad English. This text has been translated.

How to get it running again?

Greeting PolytroX
These custom (chromium/firefox) browsers were never supported, so if they changed something in their own code that is unique to that particular browser, there is a very little chance Brain would try to fix it.
Hmm ... okay. Thanks for the quick reply.

I will even try to use a slightly older version of palemoon. I would not like to return to Firefox.
Sry, official browser only FF, Chrome and Opera.
No official support for other sub-browsers.

Because it's simply too much work.
Chrome won't even let me install the add on, it says it won't accept it from this site. I tried Firefox and when I installed it I don't see anything... what exactly is this add on suppose to do,is it so I don't have to install battlelog web plugin?
read the installation guide on

see: Installation - Chrome / Opera 15+

and no: BBLog is not the same like Battlelog Web Plugin. You need the Web Plugin to can play on a server, to can connect to these gameservers. Better Battlelog makes just Battlelog better than it is now. give you some features and addons. read

there where more features, but some we had removed, onces because DICE/ESN/EA had fixed the bug, others because there where different opinions with DICE, others because users simply doesn't use them.