Version 4.9.2 - Firefox Web Extension Release - Better Battlelog Forums #157376

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Today i've released a new version for firefox user's that use the web extensions technology instead of weird native XUL based stuff. It is a breaking release. All current installed version will not be updated automatically.
You have to do that manually. Download and install it via the download button.

Older version will still work but will never get automatic updates. Install the new version from our website, after that point you will again receive automatic updates.

You can migrate the settings from old version to the new with the "import/export" buttons in the bblog menu in battlelog. We cannot automate this.

Also, you may notice that, when you have bblog already installed, you will see BBLog multiple times in your addons. Make sure that you manually delete the old version (export settings first). Technical reason is that we use a new addon UUID because of the all new technology. Technically the old and the new version are different addons.

BBLog is not dead, it've just reached a specific point of perfection :)

PS: Nevermind the 9.9.9 version in the BBLog menu, it's a cool bug :)