[BUG] Filtersets in serverbrowser bug - Better Battlelog Forums #56850

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There is a bug with the filtersets in the serverbrowser.

After aplying a filterset the ping of the servers shown down in the list, are gone.

Could you please fix it ??

i dont think thats a bug because you load a filter.
the filter function just opening a URL with the saved server settings.

if you reload the server browser by refresh button from your browser, you have the same situation, no ping. in this case its not an BBLog Bug. its simple the way how battlelog works, or doesn't work.
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As ORFK said, no Bug from BBLog. Its how battlelog works.
OK, thanks !!! The strange thing is that it worked before v3.

Battlelog also make updates...
In this case, battlelog did a update 1 day before BBLog v3.