Error Golfo del Oman - Better Battlelog Forums #1726

Siempre que juego en ese mapa se me traba y tengo que apagar la ps3 y volverla a encender, a muchos de mis amigos les pasa eso quisiera una solucion en ese mapa porfavor :).
Please post in English only.

I did take the time to pass this via Google Translate and it seems like you're having problems with playing the map Gulf of Oman on PS3.
To answer that. This forum is for reporting bugs about the Battlelog add-on called 'Better Battlelog', this has noting to do with the game itself. Please post this question on the Battlelog and/or EA forums.

I'll reject this thread due to it having nothing to do with the BBLog add-on.
Try contacting to EA Support. We can't do anything to help you.