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Hi all!

I think about a "Emblem Gallery".


* For BF4, BF3 and MOHW
* Publish Emblems in Battlelog - Save the emblems in the BBLog Emblem Gallery with one click
* Import Emblems - Choose and import emblems from the Public Gallery with one click
* Possibility to track the "installations" - How often the emblem has been used
* Integrated compatibility check - Can you use the emblem without problems? (missing assets, too much layers, etc...)

Good idea or not?
I know some kind of public galleries but all need some "code" to work or at least another plugin.

First testballoon on my local machine
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Nice idea. I like the deep integration. But: It would be even better if you could work with the guy behind
it is the largest emblem database (and most probably the most popular today). Alternative:
Worked hard last night on this.


* Works for BF4, BF3 and MOHW - Each have seperate galleries
* Works for all supported browsers
* Fully integrated - No need of going outside of battlelog
* First dev version will come this or next week
Nice! So you can share your emblem with other people? It has been a while but I also thought that DICE removed the ability to paste the code in the console. Did they find another way of importing emblems?
Yes you can share the emblems. To paste code was never been disabled.
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Progress Update - Note that this emblems are not from me, just for tests


* Used Counter works
* General Statistics works
* Clipboard added
Nice work.
Looks awesome!
I liked!