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Running the newest firefox with a few addons. 99% sure none are conflicting with this as they are for other websites and stuff.

BBlog just doesn't load sometimes. If I have firefox open for an hour, close battlelog then go back in a new tab, bblog won't be loaded. I sometimes clear my cache with ccleaner(when ffox is close of course) and it will work on a new session.

any ideas for it to always be on?
Firefox is sometimes buggy and lazy with loading addons. Especially for BBLog which needs to be integrated into the page at the very beginning. If firefox needs to long for the addon process BBLog will not be loaded.
This a firefox problem and happen sometimes, you just need to reload the page if this happen. Should work fine after the reload.
Yeah that works good. To be more specific: If i have a few tabs open, close blog, reopen it in the same session, bblog won't be loaded. So your description sounds spot on. Reloading firefox fixes that, but sometimes it doesnt and I have to go in and clear the cache. No big deal, firefox poopy. Thanks
Maybe you are offline in a tab (not logged in, thats a battlelog bug).
BBLog won't load when you not logged in.
I am always logged in. The only time I log in is after maintenance logs me out.
Hi there, hope i'm not posting in the wrong place, I have a similar problem. Below is the version that I'm running. I use the latest version of Chrome as my browser. Every time I log in, once a day it will have reverted back to the normal Theme, then I have to manually click on the Dark Theme, then it is fine, till I log in the next day? Any Suggestion?

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