Battlelog language - Better Battlelog Forums #2006

Hey there
although I'm german i prefer using battlelog in english. Problem is, that many links posted by my friends are pointing to the german battlelog (difference is just the de / en in the url). Would it be possible to get allways the english Battlelog?

It's just a minor issue but it would be a nice addition.
i think it could be very difficult to check this.
battlelog should save your language setting in your profile, not in the URL.
i dont know how the system exactly works, brain would maybe take a look.
Its better to add this via a plugin instead of a bblog main feature.
It is a heavy job for your browser to check all links on a page.
Maybe you should ask in the custom plugin subforum.
hmm i understand - just an idea wich might sound stupid since I'm not a coder: wouldn't it be enough to just check the current url for the language tag instead of every link on the page?
you mean to check only the link wich you have clicked?
possible yes, but like brain sait, your browser will be slowly...
Battlelog's language is only defined via URL so the problem is you cannot check if the current url language is correct because not setting for that exist. The only way is to check the urls in tags.