Suggestions for User-Created Assignments - Better Battlelog Forums #1967

First of all, I want to get it out of the way - love the idea of the user-created assignments. Gives players a little extra to work towards, and I like how they've been implemented. I do have a few suggestions that may make them even better!

1. I know this probably isn't possible, but is there any way to work with DICE to make the assignments worth XP or some other small reward to give players a little more incentive to actually complete the assignments and want to pay attention to them? As they are a few of them seem like endless grinds just to say you've completed them. Not all players may enjoy that.

2. Maybe implement a feature that allows players to create their own assignments on BBlog and challenge their friends to complete them. The challenged player could either accept or decline the challenge and have a certain time frame to complete (Nothing too impossible, so it would still be fun, yet challenging). If the person who accepted the assignment completed it, maybe there could be a way for that assignment to show up and stay on the assignments page? (Perhaps under a "Custom Assignment" header?)

3. It would be nice if there was an option to hide/show the BBlob assignments on the main assignment page as to not get them mixed up with the actual in game ones.

Any input or suggestions for my ideas would be greatly appreciated, and once again, really enjoying the addition of this feature to BBlog!
1. probably not
2. we still dont know if bblog server can handle bblog assignments, and I'm not even sure if its possible to make such user challange system
3. its alerady there - each group of assignments has a minimize button next to the heading
Ah, didn't see the minimize buttons there before you pointed it out haha. Thanks for the speedy reply!
TheArtOfRuin wrote:
2. Maybe implement a feature that allows players to create their own assignments on BBlog and challenge their friends to complete them.

Its not so easy to create this calculation for assigments. and it would take to much time to create a interface wich working good, where you can select the rules.

i think brain won't include a feature like this.

we have a lot of other ideas for assigments, you see atm 8 of them, so wait a little bit, maybe we will release a assigments wich you wanted to create, than you have done the work for nothing. just keep the eyes open ;-)
1. Impossible, only DICE can give you In-Game Rewards.

2. Idea is good but the work for it... Don't want to think about it...
It is nearly impossible to create a system that every user easily can create assignments.
Also our server will absolutely crash and i definetily don't want buy more servers, the one that exist comes from my private money, every month.

3. As juress say, a minimize button already integrated.
Hello, is it possible to store this custom assignment in local?
For exemple, create a module with checkboxes where we can chose witch options we want for an assignment, and save it in a custom *.js on the computer.
Create some standard images, and use them to this custom assignment, in fonction of which options are selected.

This *.js can be upload on your server via the BBlog user cloud for use on different computers (I'm using my personnal computer and the one I've at my work), but it's not an obligation :)

This is for personnal use, and we can't share this, but I think this is a good game experience.
Absolutely horrible to develop. Rejected.