how does the signatures work - Better Battlelog Forums #50158

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ive made a banner with bfstats and would like it under my battle log posts

ive put the link in the signature part in bblog but all it shows is the text like

ive tried putting in this

[url=http://bf][img]h ttp://[/img][/url]

(without the spacein h ttp) but that dont work either

please help
No need for the [img] tag.
Signature images not enabled in the board at the moment. Will think about it.
ok but i was talking about the battlelog itself, is there a way to put banners or does battlelog just not allow it
the battlelog premium signature (wich you can edit in your profile settings) allows only text. simple text, no BBCode, no HTML, no Images, no Links/URLs, just text.
ok thought so, thanks
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Oh what da hell, i thought you mean the signature in this board.
Haha, well, all other things already said.