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the 3.0 update is awesome and i want to thank you a lot for it! I've also found a bug:
If you have the settings window open for longer time, then if you click on Plugins, Theme Switcher, Soldier Radar etc., it will not show the content, only the title and description of the function. If I click on it immidiately after opening the settings window, it works normally. Here is a screenshot:


I'm using Chrome 23.0.1271.64 and Better Battlelog 3.0.0

Thank you in advance
Thanks. This bug results of the heavy server load.
Please try again tomorrow, when we hopefully fixed the server problems.
This is not fixed.

My browser doesnt show me plugins at all.

It still is like in the foto from Threadstarter.
cant reconstruct this bug.
i had the window opened for more than 5minutes without doing anything.

how long do you mean with "If you have the settings window open for longer time"??