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I love the server preset buttons, but it's annoying to have to minimize the server filter options huge menu every time. It'd be cool if the thing would minimize itself after clicking a server filter button.

Picture examples of what I'm talking about:

Every time I click one of my server filter preset buttons I have to either scroll past or quickly minimize this large options menu after the page reloads:

It'd be cool if instead of having to click this " ^ " it just begins minimized:

So that way I can click one of my presets and blam - minimal scrolling effort to quickly find a server, looks like this instead after clicking a preset, as opposed to the first screenshot being the reloaded page's results :

Anyway excellent sexy add-on thanks BBLog dudes! (I'm using Firefox 27.0.1)
Battlelog itself should save your last state - If it's opened or closed.
So, if you close it once, you can toggle your presets easily without the need of minimize it again and again.

For me it work like so, in all supported browsers.
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I guess it seems to save the state of it being minimized or not at the time of creating the preset filter. Thank you for the info BrainFooLong :) I'll just remake them for Firefox and save them with it minimized, it seems to stay minimized after each button click after that. Any time I use my preset buttons that I had saved with it expanded no matter how many times I minimize it, each use of the preset button loads back to the saved state of it being expanded again. Mystery solved yay!

update: I recreated them all real quick making sure to save them with that filter options window minimized and now they all stay minimized, so that worked.
Yes its saved with your preset if it's expanded or not.
That's not a fine thing and i will fix this, that the preset not override the expand status anymore - Than it should be work as expected.