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I have a lot of different servers in my favorites list for a lot of different reasons. I have some favorited because they have a team scramble plugin, I favorited others because I liked the admins, I'll favorite another because I like that the game mode changes between rounds, etc. The issue is that sometimes I forget the reason I have a certain server favorited. This is an issue because if I just rage quit a game for lack of team balance, I want to be able to go into my favorites and find which server has team scramble so I can join it immediately, without having to memorize the server name. Otherwise, I have to keep trying different servers till I found the with team scramble that I'm looking for. Conversely, I'd also like to tag servers that I marked on my radar. Sometimes there will only be one or two servers that are populated and playing the game mode I desire. Let's say the populated servers sometimes are added to my radar, but I forgot why. Now, if I marked it because the admins are abusive, I might join anyway cause I'll be willing to put up with it. But if it's a server plagued with rubber-banding, I'll steer clear. I just feel like this small addition will make BBlog much more intuitive, please consider it.
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You can use the "Local Comments" feature for that, don't you? You can add any text to any server.
There are 2 places to add comments to a server. Serverbrowser -> Above join button, Serverpage -> On Top.
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Oh, its already there, sry.