Counting the stars - Better Battlelog Forums #1991

this idea actually comes from my wife and not from me :=)

Wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere on the battlelog the total amount of the stars (kit, vehicles and weapons) you got?
It would be also nice to have the stars counted separately: total amount of kit stars, total amount of vehicles stars and total amount of weapons stars.
Then it would be nice, of course, to have a world list of players with stars. I think this "competition" would be interesting especially for the total amount of weapons stars.

Thanks for your attention!
That might be interesting, but it would generate a lot of traffic on the battlelog servers, which is something Brain (the BBlog owner) is strongly against.
Maybe we can make such thing as the BF3stats field. Only requested when you are on that specific page. :)
This is a horrible thing to generate and keep up2date.
It requires at least 4 requests to battlelog per player.
A thing like this must be done by DICE (especially the world list thingy), only they could create performant queries on their servers.
Ok thank you for your replies.
I posted it on the Battlelog forum, for what it counts...