[BF3][BF4][BFH][MOHW][v1.0] Comcenter Remover [08.01.2016] - Better Battlelog Forums #147542

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Name: Comcenter Remover
Author: I-MrFixIt-I
Version: 1.0

This plugin was request:

☰ Description:
Some people are not using the comcenter (chat and friendlist), so the comcenter takes a lot of space which could be removed. This plugin will remove the comcenter and repositioning the whole website for you.

☰ Options:
- "Use Comcenter Remover" (default: on): Toggle the plugin

☰ Changelog:
Click to open/close:

- Initial release

Source code can be found here:

Any suggestions or ideas I could add? Anwser here and I'll respond :)
I think you should add the option to hide the Comcenter also. I can't receive messages when it's removed. :-(