This tracker: suggestions popup covers the input field - Better Battlelog Forums #1422

The poopup with list of possible already submitted requests/bug reports covers up the input field with no visible way to close it, therefore in order to be able submit anything the subject must be typed in last, then hit several times tab button to switch to the submit button (blindly, I must add, because it also covered by the popup)My Browser is:
My Browser Version is:
My BBLog Addon Version is:
Off topic, yet this tracker related: we don't really need receive emails when we commented on our submissions (or second comment on the same submission), especially that email doesn't contain the content of new message, just a link to the be clear, when I hit submit button, I'll receive an email telling me that someone (which is me) posted a comment on this topic.
Would be nice have this fixed...just little annoying, that's all.

Thats annoying, right!
I will fix those 2 bugs soon.

PS: You are the only that comment and request so much at this page :-)
Most other people send 1 request and thats it, thats the reason why no one else send me this bug.
Thanks for your activity.
This things should now be better.