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Hey guys,

I created my first Battlefield montage ever a few days ago and wanted to share it with you guys
(Main goal: getting eFame and becoming YouTube gazillionaire)
, but did not find a place to post my link so I decided to create this thread where
can post
videos to share with the BBlog community.

I begin with my montage:

Info: Few gameplay "highlights" from the first Beta weekend. First Montage, that means not a lot of experience in video editing. I am sorry if I don't have enough effects. :-P I am actually aware that you might prefer another music style, but it's imo pretty hard to find certain music under CC licence.

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Nice video, but I don't really like montages this long. If you're making 6 minute long videos make it more interesting with editing, multiple songs and amazing clips, be creative so the viewer doesn't get bored halfway through :D But the title is awesome lol

Here is my video:


What do you guys think? Spent quite a long time editing this. Hope you enjoy, comments and ratings are appreciated ;)
You did an amazing job there with editing, it's almost perfectly synced with music. I'd love to see more of you soon.
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Thank you kind sir :)
To see more of my videos consider subscribing my YouTube channel ;)
You sir, got a new subscriber.