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Hey Guys,

Have you ever considered having simple stats shown for different game types? For example, SPM and K/D for Conquest, SPM and K/D for Rush, Team Deathmatch, etc. A friend and I were talking about the differences in game type and we thought it would be an interesting comparison to view our statistical skills for each different type. Just thought it might be an interesting, and fairly easy add for Better Battlelog.

This data isn't available in battlelog or
Therefore it's impossible.
how do win loss records show on different game types but the spm and k/d are unavailable? I'm not saying it's possible, i just think that this is an interesting idea
if the data is not available you have to request this by DICE.
hey have ALL the data, but we dont have acces to all of them.
we just have the data wich you can see in battlelog or on